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​Loree Boehm


Loree Boehm is a freelance illustrator based in Vancouver, Canada.  She likes to work with paper as her medium, creating a graphic style that uses bold colours, simplified shapes, and depth through the use of paper.  The three dimensional effects are achieved by using various layers of paper at different levels. 

Paper, as a two dimensional medium, can be manipulated by layering; therefore, creating an environment for the viewer’s eye to wander not only over the piece but between the layers as well.  Loree is interested in exploring how this constructed space between the layers interacts with the image contents and how this can effect the viewer’s perception of the piece.

The technique and style Loree uses makes her work applicable to children’s book illustration along with editorial and advertising possibilities.
Loree studied at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts concentrating in Illustration and Visual Arts.

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